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What Our Customers Our Saying…

"Today will be day 5 for me. I take a full dose around 8:30 or 9:00 at night. Within about 15 to 20 minutes I feel very calm. Not sleepy. But when I do go to bed I fall asleep very easily. When I wake up around 4:00 to do that thing that some of us have to do in the middle of the night I am pleased to say that I fall right back to sleep. Prior to using VRelief I would toss and turn and sometimes never fall back to sleep. The other positive for me is I do not have the joint pain in my hands that I have been suffering from for quite a while. There is still some but way less stiffness and almost no pain. I'm loving this product." - Cheryl M.

"First night of VRelief: This stuff is no joke! I took my first dose at about 9 o'clock last night. I am definitely not a morning person and I usually toss and turn and find it hard to fall sleep. I think I was knocked out by the time the evening news was over. It is not like I became very drowsy it was more that I was relaxed to the point where I could fall asleep... I slept the entire night. I even got up 30 minutes earlier, refreshed and made breakfast for my husband and played with the dog before having to take my shower!! Looking forward to day #2" - Serina C., TX

"I'm on day 2 of VRelief. Slept better than I have in years. Had one of those days where multitasking would be an understatement. Never once did I feel overwhelmed or anxious. I love the fact that this product is all natural; yet works better in my opinion than anything I have ever tried. Thank you VFINITY for another awesome product!" - Cindy B, GA

"My husband has severe arthritis in his left thumb (he's already had surgery on it once) and wears a thumb stabilizer to minimize the pain. He also has carpal tunnel in his right wrist and uses a brace at work to avoid the numbness and tingling. He took his first dose of VRelief at bedtime last night and went the entire day at work today without wearing either brace!" - Kim D., FL

"Yesterday morning, my husband was barely able to walk, complaining about really bad knee pain, saying he didn't know how much longer he could bear this degree of pain. (His right knee is completely gone, they say and he needs a total knee replacement.) Anyway, he took his first dose of VRELIEF last night around 9:30pm. He was in here at 8:00pm tonight asking for his next dose. I asked if he had by chance noticed a difference yet. He said, "I know the pain is there but, it's not nearly as bad as it was and it's not so bad that I can't tolerate it." That's HUGE, y'all!!! Our products WORK!!!! Because of my high level anxiety disorder, I haven't started yet but, I plan to start tonight. I have a story and I'm expecting BIG things! Stay tuned!" - Crystal M., NC

"Happy day!! I slept through the night!! That's right I slept like 8 freaking hours straight. To some that might not mean a thing though to many it means....yea baby!!!! Thank you VRelief!!!" - Cherie B., CA

"You're going to love what it does for anxiety! My days have been so much better and I haven't woken up in a panic attack at night since I started taking it (that was a nightly thing with me, and going back to sleep was almost impossible). It's feels good to feel so good!" - Kim D., FL

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